Bittersweet LLF Good-bye

I’m packed and ready to drive back home.

With a full heart, exhausted brain, and energized spirit I’m typing a few last words before shutting the laptop down and saying good-bye to my 2013 LLF Fellows downstairs. What happened this week? All I really know at this moment is that I’m a changed man. I know I have more to give and new tools to give it. I’m grateful to every single one of you for being part of my edification, but especially my Non-Fiction Ravenclaws!

We’ve challenged and supported one another in ways no one anywhere else ever could have. What has really happened this week will no doubt be revealed in the coming weeks.

I know. Your note to me is that you want more. : )

I know I want more from you. All of you! So keep writing and let the whole world see it!

But right now there is party happening downstairs and I’m ready to dive into that flow to savor our gathered magic one last time.

Oh, I want to thank Carlyle Nuera for my favorite note of the week! He drew one of my characters exactly as I saw him in my head. xo


Author: Mikel Gerle

I write about life as a contemporary gay man in Hollywood, CA. I have a passion for spaces where gay men explore their authentic selves and thrive as a result. I'd like this blog to be one of those places. I write and teach yoga. During my life so far, I've been a Mormon, a ballet dancer, a city bureaucrat, an AIDS era survivor, International Mister Leather, and a yoga teacher. All of these journies have informed my philosophies on being human, being gay, and being awesome.

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