Fellow meets Fellows LLF Emerging Writer’s Retreat – Day 1

I said good-bye to my wonderful fiancé in Hollywood this afternoon and left for a weeklong resident fellowship in the Lambda Literary Foundation Emerging Voices program on the American Jewish University campus in Bel Air. It is only thirty minutes away, but a wonderful new world away, quiet and cozy with wonderful views of the valley and beyond.

I just finished a quick buffet dinner with my queer brothers and sisters and I can feel something wonderful I the air. There is a tension that I recognize and am not afraid of. Back in my dorm room I’m reflecting on it, and intuition tells me that the awkwardness I feel and the tentativeness I see in my fellows is a shared expression of kindred soles that are not used to meeting family who mirror back an expression of their authentic core being. An easy sense of protocol and common banter has not been built up from a life long of experience of meeting people like ourselves, but we see it and are easing into it.

We are not only queer, but all 45 of us are also writers! I’m looking forward to the opening meeting on twenty minutes away.  


Author: Mikel Gerle

I write about life as a contemporary gay man in Hollywood, CA. I have a passion for spaces where gay men explore their authentic selves and thrive as a result. I'd like this blog to be one of those places. I write and teach yoga. During my life so far, I've been a Mormon, a ballet dancer, a city bureaucrat, an AIDS era survivor, International Mister Leather, and a yoga teacher. All of these journies have informed my philosophies on being human, being gay, and being awesome.

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