SF vs LA wtf?

“None of the bars in San Francisco are as bad as the bars here,” says the new guy I just met at an intimate pool party in North Hollywood. The typical refrain from one of our brothers up north rolled easily off the early thirty-something man’s tongue. His lack of self-consciousness was so striking I withheld my usual defense.

Is it the cleaner sidewalks, the safer streets, the urban forest, the sunny weather, the real beaches, or the prettier go-go boys? Why is it that the SF gays can so easily hate on the LA gays so much?

Angst vs. Satisfaction: it’s your choice

It’s a choice between happiness and angst.

You can focus on the possibilities all around you or commit yourself to seeing danger in anything that changes.

I recently sat in a meeting where a new technology was being introduced to streamline one of the organization’s most complex systems. It promised to make the process more secure, faster, and simpler for both the provider and the consumer. Those in the room embracing its possibility where animated, relaxed, and in good humor. Those clinging tightly to the, “but we have always done it this way” paradigm were bristling with angst.

The word “angst” in German means “fear.”

Be aware that you are creating your own angst. The discomfort is not being done TO you, it is being created BY you. If you see change as a nemesis to be avoided, you are doomed to a ceaseless and ever growing angst ridden existence in a world that is changing faster every day. Open yourself up to the process and infuse it with the diversity only you can bring to the table. Close yourself off and the project suffers, and you suffer as well.

Fear makes people miserable.

It’s your choice.