Facebook Slams Bareback Page

Facebook Shuts Down Barebacking Page

My contribution to a facebook disucssion in the TRIBE – WeHo Gay Men’s Discussion Group.

Are we talking about public health here or our inability to talk about sex?

To me, this is just another example of American’s fear of sexual content and homophobia from both gay and non-gay people. FB hides behind public health, but I’m guessing it is really the discussion about sex, especially gay sex in particular, that bothers them. I’m guessing that it was easy to find a gay man in the office with enough internalized homophobia to support their decision. “Oh god! That is inappropriate. What about the children? What about public health?” Well, that’s what parenting and security settings are for. btw, I grew up in a state without sex education (it would give children the wrong message) I graduated high school with two pregnant girls, three parents of toddlers, and I soon became HIV positive myself. Maybe a little more talk about sex can be good for kids, but I digress.

Pulling this site down is not about public health. Public health and the strain on our economy by disease would be better served if we shut down all sites contributing to obesity and stress. Google tells me those are the top health concerns of Americans.