It’s our fault.

We get what we deserve.

Whether it’s the Congress, the National Enquirer, or the baseless reality show on TV, it’s all our fault. It’s my fault and your fault.
It’s not the “media’s” fault.
The media is not some evil nebulous energy like the “dark side” of the Force in Star Wars. It is people like you and me clicking on a salacious link, leaving the gratuitous news reports on TV, voting for someone after only listening to attack adds, or telling our coworkers about the story we read in “ the paper” while waiting in the checkout lane and Ralph’s.
Until we realize that every one of those acts is a vote for that behavior to be celebrated, we deserve to have drug addicts celebrated and assholes elected as lawmakers.
Push yourself just a little and you’ll find that there is a lot more out there worth your time. When that becomes your focus, you will see a miraculous transformation in the “media.”

Author: Mikel Gerle

I write about life as a contemporary gay man in Hollywood, CA. I have a passion for spaces where gay men explore their authentic selves and thrive as a result. I'd like this blog to be one of those places. I write and teach yoga. During my life so far, I've been a Mormon, a ballet dancer, a city bureaucrat, an AIDS era survivor, International Mister Leather, and a yoga teacher. All of these journies have informed my philosophies on being human, being gay, and being awesome.

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